Nestled gently within the trees, this circular reflection, come yoga, space blends seamlessly with its surroundings.


The design represents the mighty yet humble tree trunk with a tranquil transparent reflection deck situated at its heart. It is intentionally geometric and minimal to avoid visual distraction while connecting people to the surrounding nature.


The complete wrap-around glazing allows for continuous views outwards in your peripheral vision, enhancing the sense of being out in nature while still being protected from the elements.


A green roof spills foliage softly through the battens that drape over the top of the glazing, filtering the light entering the space and providing a transitional gradient from full sunlight to shade, offering a beautiful light play on the floor as the sun moves across the sky.


The cut top edges of the timber battens circling the upper form reflect the sweeping contour of the stairs spiralling around the base leading people up into the elevated platform to engage the surrounding tree canopy.